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Bone Morselizer

$ 790.00
SKU: TS-6-234
The bone morselizer is a hand instruments which helps in the nursing of bone material.  Follow these steps to prepare


$ 60.00
SKU: TS-4-591
Periodontal Instruments Buser Hollow

Extra-Flex Hollow

$ 100.00
SKU: TS-6-031
Implantology Fig:3 Extra-Flex Hollow

Flexible Periotomes Set

$ 450.00
SKU: TS-6-076
Implantology Flexible Periotomes Set of 3 Pcs

Gold Mill (Small)

$ 975.00
SKU: TS-6-236
Implantology Gold mill small 30mm x 44mm

implantology 2.5mm

$ 165.00
SKU: TS-6-268
Implantology Ø 2.5mm straight/bend 180mm i.d 2.5mm


$ 100.00
SKU: TS-6-040
Implantology Burnishers Fig: 2 Ladmore Hollow

Lucas Curettes

$ 100.00
SKU: TS-6-101
Implantology Curettes Lucas Fig: 87 3.5mm

Lucas Curettes (Serrated)

$ 100.00
SKU: TS-6-103
Implantology Curettes Lucas Serrated 2.5mm

Lucas Curettes (Serrated)

$ 100.00
SKU: TS-6-104
Implantology Curettes Lucas 86S Serrated 3.0mm


$ 110.00
SKU: TS-4-571
Periodontal Instruments Ochsenbin 2 (5mm)