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Bone Calipers

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Model: TS-6-001
Implantology Castroviejo caplipers 20mm, 45˚ 90mm..
Ex Tax:₺60.00
Out Of Stock
Model: TS-6-002
Implantology Castroviejo caplipers 20mm, 90mm Straight..
Ex Tax:₺60.00
Model: TS-6-004
Implantology Ridge Mapping Double Caliper..
Ex Tax:₺70.00
Out Of Stock
Model: TS-6-012
Measuring loop straight, length 90mm, measuring range 0-40mm..
Ex Tax:₺90.00
Model: TS-6-013
Implantology Fig: 1 lwanson spring caliper for metal and porcelain..
Ex Tax:₺20.00
 Boley gauge
Out Of Stock
Model: TS-6-015
Implantology Boley gauge..
Ex Tax:₺22.00
Model: TS-6-021
Implantology Micro boley gauge twisted..
Ex Tax:₺150.00
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